Last week, the region experienced unseasonably cold temperatures and snow accumulation. With the warm temperatures and 25-35 mm of rain over the weekend and into Monday, almost all of the snow has melted away.

Local watercourses have peaked and are now beginning to recede. Some low lying areas along these watercourses that typically flood may still have standing water.

The Thames River is peaking in Byron and the low lying river flats in Delaware are already inundated. Peak flows should be passing through Dutton-Dunwich tomorrow morning, through Thamesville Thursday morning and through Chatham later on Thursday. Those low lying areas adjacent to the river between Delaware and Thamesville that typically flood during a spring snowmelt event should also be expected to flood during this event. The upper tablelands will not see any flooding.

Property owners should take extra caution and ensure that people, pets, livestock and loose objects are kept back away from the river, ditches, and streams. A combination of slippery banks, fast moving cold water and entrained debris is particularly dangerous. Parents should pay special attention to keep their children away from the water.

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority will continue to monitor conditions and will issue additional messages as required.

Contact: Jason Wintermute (519-354-7310 x227) regarding this message.

This message will be in effect until November 28th unless revised.